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Review author: Henry Dawson

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There is no universal strategy at Alf Casino for learning how to play a casino: each type of entertainment has its own rules ( In this article, we have tried to give a squeeze of valuable advice that will help you with this.

Slot Rules

Slots at Alf Casino, or gaming machines (slot machines) in the network are a screen, divided into reels vertically and rows – horizontally. If before almost all machines were three-drum, today 5 or 6 reels are more common. Each cell of this screen at Casino Alf (playing field) is indicated by a symbol. The goal of the game is to collect the chain (or several) specified in this unit, which is called the pay line. They are set for each slot individually and are prescribed in the rules (Help or Information button). There are also statistics: a payout table (amount earned) and a current balance (how many personal funds are left). For this you need:

  • Top up your account and login.
  •  Choose the amount at Alf Casino that you are ready to bet (regulated by the increase and decrease buttons, and the minimum and maximum limits are again determined by the casino owner).
  •  Set the number of lines with the Bet button (will affect the amount that will be debited at the bet)
  • Click Spin to start – registry and login

The drums unwind by randomly arranging the symbols horizontally and vertically. Here, as in other products of Internet clubs, a random number generator (RNG) works, which forms random output based on a multi-formula algorithm. It is possible to calculate it only with the help of special programs, but their use is quickly calculated and punishable by account lock-out or even criminal prosecution (depending on jurisdiction). Therefore, there are no 100% winning strategies, no matter what the authors of numerous reviews say. Having collected the line, you can not only get a prize at Alf casino for example no deposit code, but also open a special bonus game mode, which allows you to increase the amount earned (types of casino bonuses). There are also additional effects that help or interfere with your process. In essence, today’s online devices are already close to computer games: they have a plot, characters, animation and well-designed graphics or no deposit codes. A few important points when playing slots:

Official site

Each machine at has a percentage return coefficient (RTP). It shows the probability of occurrence of combinations (lines). You can watch RTP on the manufacturer’s website or in the casino where you are invited to play it. Try to choose devices with a ratio above 95%.

    Try not to use at Alf Casino the starter pack (first deposit bonus) of the institution if you are playing for the first time. Everything has a price: in particular, the gain obtained by using the bonus will first need to be increased at least 25 times so that it remains in the account. If you don’t do this, both donated funds and personal funds will be burned (they go to pay those bets that will be taken from you).

  • Determine in advance for yourself the daily / weekly / monthly limit that you can spend.
  • Stop in time at It is a fiction that you are close to success if the line is “almost” assembled. The odds are always the same.
  • Do not spin the same machine for a long time if you won several times, and then they started to lose. Experienced gamblers note that the slots have a kind of cycle: the period of victories has ended – it’s time to leave.
  • Put small amounts – even they give good payouts in case of luck. And to “raise” a lot of money, and have to invest in full. Moreover, the ratio of risk and success in the latter case is disadvantageous.
  • Be critical of all online tips. Filter the information.

Mobile version

In any case, if you are not confident in your skills at, you can always try the demo mode (how to play in a casino without risk). Almost all operators have it at Alf casino.

The principle of the roulette table

What roulette is, everyone knows: this is a field with red and black sectors, each of which is indicated by a number (from 0 to 36 in European roulette, and in American roulette another 00 are added). Accordingly, even with a minimum set of values, the chance to guess the number is 1/36 (the win will be 36 times the amount wagered), and the color is 1/2 (win = double your bet). In addition to the above, there are other bet options (depending on the type of roulette, they can vary – we will indicate the main ones):

  • Even / odd – and even or odd number (except 0 and 00), respectively, is considered to be winning. You get in x2 free spins and no deposit bonus 2021.
  • A dozen – bet on the sector (a combination of 12 numbers: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36). The bet amount is multiplied by 3 if any value falls out of the selected range of bonus codes.
  •  The columns are the same as the sector, only a horizontal row is taken opposite the designation (the figure shows that the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, …, 36 are located in the upper column.
  • Half – a bet on the range 1-18 or 19-36. Also doubles the free spins and bonus codes.
  •  Angle – a bet on the “square” of the neighboring four numbers (for example, 9, 12, 8 and 11). Win = bet x 9 free spins and promo codes.
  •   Split – placing chips on the border of 2 adjacent numbers. Gives an 18-fold increase in back.
  • Six-line – immediately selects 6 digits following each other. If successful, you will increase your bid by 6 times and promo codes.
  •  Zero – a bet on 0. The payout ratio depends on whether you bet somewhere else or not. A “clean” zero gives x35 winnings, if there are chips in another field – x17, etc. no deposit bonus 2021.

Games at Alf Casino

You should not start with bets like “odd / even” or “red / black”. The probability here is higher, but the limits are greater. So, the money “merges” very quickly free play.

On a specific number, just because of the low probability of falling out, it also makes no sense to bet.

Do not try to watch the flowers fall. If red 10 times has fallen, then red and black may fall 11 times. Nothing will change, and the theory of probability has nothing to do with its free play and different games.

But the frequency of falling numbers exists. However, you cannot watch a real game in an online casino – only a demo (a completely different table). And the strategy only works with long calculations. Therefore, do not hope to calculate the probability for 20-30 rounds and slots.

The best bet is 5 chips on six-line. Thus, we close almost the entire field, with the exception of 6 numbers and zero (6 chips will simply not be given to us to bet this way). And even if each chip is equal to $ 1 (that is, a total of $ 5 for 5 chips), then when one of the 30 numbers falls out (the probability of this is approximately 83.33%) we get $ 6, earning $ 1.

You are less likely to earn by betting on 2 dozen or 2 columns, as well as on a combination of 1 column and 1 half. But here the coefficient is less, and earnings are worse slots.

Card games

We combined all the card games into one group, because, despite the differences in the rules, they all work on the same principle. Having understood one, you will quickly master all the others. By the same logic, we will only talk about the most popular form of online entertainment: poker. Unlike a real game, in online poker (including live) you play against a dealer (games with a live dealer). The goal is to make the most profitable combination – that is, one that is significantly higher than the opponent’s combination.

List of combinations in increasing order of importance

  • High card. 5 different cards
  • Couple (deuce). 2 cards of equal value. When both opponents lose this combination, the one that is higher in value wins (for example, a lady beats a jack and a figure eight – nine).
  •  Two pairs. The same as above, but in double equivalent: two ladies + two sixes, 4 tens, etc. The owner of the oldest pair wins.
  •  Tripp, or Set (triple). 3 cards of the same value. Seniority is defined as in Pair.
  •  Straight. 5 consecutive cards. If you and your opponent are straight, the winner is the one with the highest five highest card. For example, you have Street from 9 to K, and your opponent has from 10 to T. Ace is the oldest, he wins.
  •  Flash 5 cards of the same suit. When two or more Flash are dropped, the one with the «stronger» card is more powerful.
  •  Full House (Full House). 3 cards of one value and 2 of another. The precedence between the same combinations is determined, as in the situation with two Flash.
  • Four of a kind. 4 cards of the same value. Leadership is established, as in the Pair.
  • Street Flash. A straight in which all cards are of the same suit. Controversial issues are resolved in the same way as with Flash roulette.

    Flash Royal. Street Flash from 10 to T. Never loses, even if composed by several players.

Game sequence

Before the cards are dealt, the dealer will ask you to pay the required bets (they remain in the bank if you decide to leave the game until the end of the game). Then you are given 2 cards – the basis of future combinations. At Alf Casino On the table 3 more cards are laid out openly – of which the players get these combinations. Then, for another 3 moves, the croupier puts another 5 cards on the table (3 in the first move and 1 more in the next). Each time you are invited to exit with loss of bets, increase the spin or save (continue the game without doubling). In the end, you collect from 7 cards (2 on your hand + 5 on the table) the most winning combination and pick up the bank if it is the highest. Mandatory bidding is in any case deducted.

Bonuses and promotions

Here at Alf Casino with a bad card, it is better to save (not to invest in the bank) and discard cards – you should not hope for a ghost victory, especially when playing with experienced opponents who calculate every move (poker players mistakes).

Learning to play, calculate moves and bluff can only be practiced. Articles, of course, will help to learn the basics, but in the future only a real game will help develop the necessary skills (poker playing styles).

Control emotions – not because others can “count” your hand on them (this is not possible when playing online), but because you will do stupid things.

Remember the moves of your opponents – this will help in the current process and show certain chips.

In poker for a short period, randomness decides everything, and skill – with a bad hand, minimize the loss, and with a good one – collect the maximum bankroll. Therefore, raise bets only if you really have strong cards (bluffing online does not make much sense).

Perquisites buoy be amassed on a player’s deposition. Much handouts are evaluated as a interest of the deposition: 25%, 50% or 100%. So, the areas hearten the participant to renew the accounting with large cash. Regularly, the largesse is offered to the contestant who has aloof open an accounting, and occasionally the area proposes a deposition representing a less big measure, various period bigger than the deposition measure. In this example, the participant has to so stake on the measure of the deposition or many. At any websites, honoraria are credited to the basic, 2nd and 3rd lay down.

While the contestant kills backbone the deposition, he cannot shrink back cash from the deposition and come in many, releases are backhand out. What persists on the accounting later wagering, the contestant buoy selection up representing himself? No deposition largesse is allowed to the contender representing registering an accounting on the area. Bonuses buoy be in the formation of beliefs or for free twirls, for free pastimes. A thespian buoy achievement valid cash with small to no assets. For free rotate are offered to participant in modern pastimes or representing any cause as a given. Furthermore, a constant measure ballplayer be offered as a dispensation.

Many clients, having the possibility to frolic and achievement, are carried out and keep to frolic representing their have cash, which is the aim of the area in this example. Representing a participant, a for free gamey is a great possibility to experience. Thither are furthermore perquisites that are credited to the player’s accounting whether he attracted added contender to the playacting area. It is credited when a modern thespian campaigns an accounting and studies on whose advocacy he has certified, refills the deliberate and up begin playacting. The extreme measure of a deposition largesse buoy be the similar of $ 25 to $ 500. Nearly fillips are offered on notch, and if thither are handouts representing additional kinds of pastimes require to be denominated in everyone example.

Service aid

Service aid and online chat is available from England, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Russian Federation and other. You can just write or call.

Turn your method in the play planet, select (nothing how shopworn it intact) proved and big casinos. The dependability index is not aloof data almost the accessibility of a certify, on the other hand a particular amount that buoy be cheered in Alf Casino in the validator of the controlling item. Representing instance, whether the certify is issued close to Country Play Administration, you buoy come in a amount in the comparable segment of the authorized MGA site and look whether it is dynamic. Furthermore, payment interest to the catalogues of taxi whose pastimes the nightclub proposes. Whether just 2 compellations arrive in them (nearly regularly Microgaming and Novomatic), it is greatly probable that the code was derived from good-recognized producer: both of them at single age could not control the condition, and imitation spilled away onto the blacken marketplace (gamey producer). And the default of additional sharer ballplayer show that the cause is not capable to validate an authorized association. Examination: reason? All the more whether this is not so, it’s not cost the danger.

Do not amble later a pocket-sized lowest deposition: most each creation in which it is sufficiency to deposition 50 or 100 dollars at Alf Casino to first an accounting gets a Curacao eGaming certify, and it is impractical to analysis it (casino with a lowest deposition). This is added danger. Surveys almost the institutes on the net are largely custom-made-prepared or backhand close to discontent clients who contumely the regulation and get endured as of this. As an alternative of disbursing age recitation, them, try to frolic representing little total (of line, later perusal the data we gave overhead): you desire miss a small, on the other hand you desire get a many error-free drawing. A significant location: the present (for free) mean is not significative: it situates itself the end of attracting you, and then is plainly endearing.


To learn all the games of online casinos right away, in our opinion, does not make sense. It is much more convenient, profitable and more interesting to master one direction first, and only then – if you wish – switch to others. Each product keeps its secrets and tips, but universal strategies do not exist. And to perceive gambling as a business is not a very good idea: it is too unstable in terms of income. The gambling industry was originally created to receive emotions, adrenaline. She has remained so until now, even after switching to online and on smartphones.

Alf casino review:

  • Casino Brand – 7.1/10
  • Casino Games – 7.310
  • Money Transfer – 7.5/10
  • Free Spins No Deposit Bonus – 7.2/10
  • User Help Support – 7.1/10
  • General – 7.310

Final word

We can recommend you this casino to try it. We hope you will like it and come back again to play. This casino is one of the best casinos we have ever tried. Try you too.